Josh and Liz go grocery shopping

Hi, three posts in one day I don’t usually do this. Josh has nicknamed me the Paparazzi Nazi, because all he hears all day is my camera going click, click, click.

Beyond power of speech,
When the one thing you want
Is the only thing out of your reach!!!!!!

If anyone saw Out of the Woods you know what I’m listening to.  Awesome song, Terrible Movie. Anyway I’m getting off of track, I’m supposed to be writing not singing Disney songs.


Josh: When are you going to stop spooning the asparagus?

Liz: Oh Geez Josh, I’m trying to hold something that weighs 99 times my weight so SOMEONE can take my picture!

Josh: I’m starting to think you’re the Nazi.

Liz: Way to go Josh. That’s not at all offensive to the what 15 followers we have.

Josh: We have German followers?

Liz: *heavy sigh

Josh: Hey I never claimed to be politically correct.

Josh: Ooooh Candy!


Liz: Why did I think I could bring you here? You have the attention span of my 4 year old cousin.

Josh: A 4 year old in an attractive 16 year olds body.

Liz: Mmmm hmmm sure..

Josh: You love me.

Liz: Do I?

Josh: Yup.

Liz: I hate you.

Josh: I love you too. 🙂


Liz: Ok 4 year old  let’s see whats some thing you can get, without bringing back a 60 pack of Oreos.

Josh: Bagels?

Liz: Ok, but don’t come back with ice cream or cake.

Liz: Now what did I say to get?

Josh:…ummmm… Cookies?

Liz: bagels.

Josh: Candy?

Liz: BAGELS!!!!!!!!!

Josh: Ok ok bagels got it.


Liz: Josh does that look like a bagel?

Josh: It’s better than a bagel.

Liz: GET THE BAGELS!!!!!!!

Josh: 😦

Liz: I’m coming with you.


Josh: Look, Lizzy Alpha Bits!

Liz: Oh my Gosh.

Liz: Josh, focus.


Liz: Good boy.

Josh: 🙂

Liz: Don’t flatter yourself.

Josh: 😦


Thanks for Reading,

Abby. 🙂





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