Monthly Archives: August 2016

Josh and Liz go grocery shopping

Hi, three posts in one day I don’t usually do this. Josh has nicknamed me the Paparazzi Nazi, because all he hears all day is my camera going click, click, click. AGONY! Beyond power of speech, When the one thing you want Is the only thing out of your reach!!!!!! If anyone saw Out of […]

Summer Photo shoot

Hey. I never know how to spell that is it Photo shoot or Photoshoot? These photos were taken before Brie went to the AG hospital, but she should be back in a few weeks. Some of these were in other posts. My cousin is just here because, she’s probably reading this, huh OSTRICH DON’T FORGET TO […]

Kit makes PIZZA!!

Hi, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Tomorrow I go back to school :(. Unlike most bloggers I don’t have an excuse for not posting, because I’m homeschooled. Is it just me or did summer just fly by, last time I checked it was June now September is in 2 days.  Anyway Josh […]

Rio 2016 Olympics

Hi, so August 5th was Opening Night for the Olympics. The dolls had a party for it. My dolls and I will find any excuse or holiday, if it can involve food. I’m sorry for posting this so late, this was supposed to be up yesterday. Yeah, I procrastinated again, great job Abby. Enjoy the […]