Cheesecake Factory

Liz: April get your shoes on I’m starving!

April: You don’t rush beauty Liz.

Liz: It’s my favorite resturant   though.

April: It’s only 12:30 now let me finish my hair!

A half an hour later…..




Liz: Agghh there’s too many options! I could get a salad, pizza, pasta, a hamburger.

April: Just make your mind up!

Josh: I didn’t think you liked salad?

Liz: I don’t, but I’m trying to lose weight.

April: Just ask for pasta in lunch size.

Liz: Alright, I’ll do that.



Josh: Ahem

April: …….

Josh: ( clears throat)

Waitress: Miss?

Liz: ( in a whisper) April get off your phone!

April: Huh?

Liz: Get off your phone and tell the waitress what you want.

April: OH sorry!!! um… could I have the um.. ummmmm.

Josh: You didn’t even look at the menu?!

April: Um, no.

Liz: (heavy sigh) Could we have a few more minutes to decide?

Liz: …and some bread?

Waitress: Sure thing.



April: Lizzy stop hogging all the bread !!!

Liz: It’s sooooooo good though!




Liz’s food




Josh’s food.



and April got a salad but she ate it all before I could take a picture.




April: Josh can I have another french fry?

Josh: Remind me how many you’ve had so far?

April: Uhhhh 12 maybe.

Josh: Yeah no, you can’t.


Liz: April, leave him alone he only has two left.

Josh: Thank you and….


Josh: Did you just eat my last french fry?!

Liz: No…. maybe.



No words are needed for this beautiful photo of tasty elegance


April: Woah Liz SLOW DOWN you’re gonna choke.


Josh: She didn’t hear you.

April: That’s because most of her face is drowned in cheesecake.

Thanks for Reading and don’t worry I got you some leftovers

Abby 🙂









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