Monthly Archives: January 2016

Cheesecake Factory

Liz: April get your shoes on I’m starving! April: You don’t rush beauty Liz. Liz: It’s my favorite resturant   though. April: It’s only 12:30 now let me finish my hair! A half an hour later…..   Liz: Agghh there’s too many options! I could get a salad, pizza, pasta, a hamburger. April: Just make your mind […]

Unknown Bloggers Award

Hi, I’ve been nominated for the Unknown Bloggers Award by Olivia so thank you very much Olivia. I believe I followed the rules I don’t know  about number 2.   Here are the rules 1. This is a challenge. Therefore, those nominated are challenged to do this. 2. Nominate 5 people with under 100 followers. […]

2016 Photoshoot

Thanks for reading Abby. 🙂