Chicken and Dumplings


April: Welcome to breakfast with the dolls today is CHICKEN & DUMPLING DAY!!!!!!

Liz: We’re not on a cooking show April.

April: Well in my head we are.


April: This is the chicken.

Liz: As if they couldn’t tell.

April: Poor Chicki don’t let mean old Liz talk to you like that.

Liz: Your talking to a chicken?

April: Yeah

Liz: It’s DEAD.

April: Fine it’s dead but I feel bad for him.

Liz: It’s a chicken.

IMG_0222.JPG IMG_0225

April: This is gross.

Liz: It’s just dough, don’t over react


April: Ewwwwwwwww it’s so mushy!!!

Liz: It’s dough

April: I know that but it’s so icky.

Liz: I’m going to go get started on the biscuits.

April: Alright.


Liz: Into the oven they go, these puppies are gonna be sooo good.


April: Le poulet dechiquete pauvres. ( The poor shredded chicken)

Liz: April speak English please

April: But French is so much more romantic.

Liz: Who are you being romantic to? The chicken? XD

April: Vous cochon sarcastique égoïste! ( You selfish sarcastic pig!)

Liz: Gardez la tête sur Marie-Antoinette. ( keep your head on Marie Antoinette)

Abby: Alright you two English only.

April: rabat-joie ( party pooper) 


Liz: The last dumpling is in.

April: I hope Grandma and Poppy like it.


Liz: Avaient fini! ( We’re done) 

Merci d'avoir lu
Thanks for reading
and we hope you feel better Grandma and Poppy

Abby & the dolls


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