Apple Picking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s  April

This week we went apple picking and got ready for autumn.


April: Kittty ,Twist it don’t yank it!

Kitty: Hold on it’s almost off!!

Kitty: Ahhhhh!!! ( falls off tree)

Brie: KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh are you dead??????

Kitty: Um no but I got the apple


Liz: Okay when do we get the cider donuts?

Brie: April said after this

Liz: April? Now my partner in crime is telling me what to do?

April: I figured you would want the donuts after.

Brie: How about if we ate 2 donuts before and 4 after

Liz: We each get one.

Kitty: Why? I have a big stomach

Liz: Yeah I do too but I still want lunch.


April: Hey Liz, Catch!!!

Liz: (catches the apple) EWWWWW this one is rotton

Brie: OH YUCK DON”T PUT IT IN THE BAG!!!!!! you’re going to give us food poisoning

Kitty: Can we get the donuts now?

Liz: Yeah


So Brie and Kitty got their donuts

Thanks for reading

April 🙂


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