The Maritime Aquarium


K: Alright Brie we have 2 hours to look before we pick up Liz from the airport.

Brie: OK as long as we get to the gift shop.

K: Ugh look at the line.

Brie: There is only 6 people! Have you been here in the summer?

K: No, Josie normally takes you and Kitty but Kitty’s sick and Josie is studying for her test on Friday.

Brie: So I’m stuck with you?

K: Oh yeah

Brie: Okay


Brie:  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! JELLYFISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K: Brie those aren’t real but those jellyfish are.


Brie: Wait you can pet them?

K: NO you can’t

Abby: Um actually You can K.

K: Really?

Abby: Yeah they just say to gently touch the top.

Brie: Uhhhh we won’t get stung

Abby: According to the staff, no.

5 minutes later……

Brie: (in a whisper) K when is this guy going to stop talking about how jellyfish are made of 95% water?

K: (in a whisper) I don’t know? Would they notice if we walked out?

Brie: Hey, Abby (not in a whisper)

Brie: Abby?

Brie: ABBY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby: Huh, me?

Brie: Yes you. Why is the whole room looking at us?

Abby: Perhaps because you just shouted.

K: Lets get out.

Abby: Okay


Brie: What’s a Megalodon?

K: Read the description

Brie: I don’t read


K: That’s a lot of jellyfish.

Brie: I have seen way to many jellyfish today.

IMG_1798 IMG_1799

Brie: Ahhhhh it’s a dragon !!!!!!!!!!

K: Hahahahaahaha! It’s a lizard

Brie: No that is a dragon

K: Well, it kind of looks like Mushu

Brie: Mushu?

K: Come on you saw Mulan

Brie: Haha I get it.


K: Brie

Brie: What?

K: Were a baby lizard

Brie: Yeah Lizards aren’t my favorite animal.


Brie: Hi Nemo

Brie: K say hi to Nemo

K: (sigh) Hi Nemo


K: Hey, my little sister was wondering if you could take a picture of us?

Complete Stranger that we never met: Sure

K: Thank you


K: You can see Abby in the reflection

Brie: So?

K: I’m explaining why there is a mysterious reflection


K: Don’t move there is a butterfly

Brie: I know

K; It’s so pretty

Brie: I want a dress like the butterfly

K: That would be a really nice dress

Brie: I thought so.



Brie: I wish I had wings, then I could travel everywhere.

K: You would get homesick

Brie: Then I would come back


K: OMG There is a huge turtle behind you!

Brie: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K: Are you scared of everything?

Brie: Not chocolate and not Fashion


K: Oh wow I want to work here you can play with seals. How cool is that?

Brie: Very cool ok that one is daisy, that one is crumpets …

K: Brie they already have names

Brie: Oh

In the gift shop


Brie: I’m getting this

K: You don’t have any money Brie

Brie: Of course not I’m so special they will give it to me for free.

K: No they won’t


Abby: Sorry I forgot to crop my arm out.

K: Snow Globes!

Brie: Cute

K: OMG get in the car we have to pick Liz up in 3 minutes!!

Thank’s for reading



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