Monthly Archives: September 2015

Apple Picking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, It’s  April This week we went apple picking and got ready for autumn. April: Kittty ,Twist it don’t yank it! Kitty: Hold on it’s almost off!! Kitty: Ahhhhh!!! ( falls off tree) Brie: KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh are you dead?????? Kitty: Um no but I got the apple Liz: Okay when do we get […]

The Maritime Aquarium

K: Alright Brie we have 2 hours to look before we pick up Liz from the airport. Brie: OK as long as we get to the gift shop. K: Ugh look at the line. Brie: There is only 6 people! Have you been here in the summer? K: No, Josie normally takes you and Kitty […]