Lunch at Asian Bistro (and Peachwave)



It’s Liz here and Abby. (Abby is the human)

Yesterday we went to Asian Bistro to celebrate Abby and Brie’s  birthday. (Grandma and Poppy read till end.)

Josie wasn’t feeling well so she couldn’t come which is why the photo above isn’t my profile pic.

April: Alright everyone get in the photo.

Brie: Say FRANCE!!!

Everyone except Brie: France?????

Lizard: Why France?

Brie: I like France

Lizard: Lets just get in the air conditioning I’m dying.


Kitty: Can  I get a cheese burger.

Liz: No Kitty it’s called Asian Bistro not Mcdonalds.

April: Anyone wanna split the Chicken Hibachi, and an Appetizer?

Liz: Sure what kind of appetizer do you guys want?

Kitty: Let Brie pick it’s her birthday.

Brie: Uhhhh there’s nothing French on here

Kitty: Does everything have to be French for you?

Brie: OF COURSE!!!!

Liz: I’ll pick for you how does the calamari sound?

April: That sounds great.

Brie: What’s calamary?

Liz: It’s Calamari not calamary and it’s squid.



Liz: Chill Brie it’s dead.

Kitty: Abby dissected  one in Girl Scouts.

Abby: It was already dead.

Liz: Well isn’t that a pleasant thought to think about as we eat.

Brie: No that’s an awful thought

Liz: I was being sarcastic


K: The salads here.

Brie: EWWWWW what’s the orange stuff on top.

Liz: That’s ginger dressing.

Kitty: Try it Brie it’s good.

Brie: Oh wow your right that is good!

K: For once I’ll agree with you.


Brie: Wait I have to send this back there’s something in my soup .

April: It’s just a mushroom.

Brie: Oh ok… WAIT IS IT A POISONOUS MUSHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

Liz: Shush Brie keep your voice down and no it’s just a mushroom.

Kitty: I could eat this every day.


Liz: We got chopsticks.


Kitty: SSSLLLLLUUURRRRPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brie: When is our food going to get here?

April: We just got here!!


Liz: dig in.

Kitty: THIS IS SOOO GOOD!!!!!!! I could eat this everyday.

So after lunch we went to Peachwave  for frozen yogurt.


Brie: I’m getting chocolate with gummy bears, coconut, marshmallows, rasberries, and whipped cream.

IMG_2822.JPG IMG_2821.JPG

Here were the dolls orders.

Liz: Chocolate yogurt , chocolate chips, cashews, almonds, and caramel sauce.

Brie: chocolate with gummy bears, coconut, marshmallows, raspberries, and whipped cream.

April: Peanut butter yogurt, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and strawberries.

Kitty: Strawberry yogurt , strawberries, strawberry sauce ,and whipped cream.

K: vanilla yogurt and blueberries

We brought an iced coffee home for Josie.



Thank you Grandma and Poppy for lunch.

Thanks to Asian Bistro as well and thanks for reading.

Abby and Liz



  1. I love the pic with your dolls on the bridge! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank’s 🙂


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