Monthly Archives: August 2015

A day in the city

Hey, It’s April. Brie and I were walking around the city, to get breakfast so here goes nothing. We decided to go to Atticus ( a restaurant/ bookstore) for breakfast. Brie: Mmmmm I could eat here every morning. April: I know right. What are you getting to eat? Brie: Well this bread pudding french toast […]

Fabric Shopping

Hey, It’s April. Today we went to Hobby Lobby, so we could get some material to make winter clothes out of. So as we walk into the store this is what we see. April: Christmas already???? It’s August Liz: Yeah I understand Fall but really? April: I think there should be a law No Christmas […]

Lunch at Asian Bistro (and Peachwave)

Hey, It’s Liz here and Abby. (Abby is the human) Yesterday we went to Asian Bistro to celebrate Abby and Brie’s  birthday. (Grandma and Poppy read till end.) Josie wasn’t feeling well so she couldn’t come which is why the photo above isn’t my profile pic. April: Alright everyone get in the photo. Brie: Say FRANCE!!! […]


Hi, it’s Lizard !!!! We took a much needed break from our daily lives, to enjoy an evening at the fire pit. April: Agghh this wood is SOOOOO heavy!!! Josie: Sorry April I’d help you if I could but I’m trying to saw this stubborn piece of wood. Kitty: Wood can be stubborn??? Josie: This […]