Grocery Shopping

Hey, people It’s April.

Brie and I went to Trader Joe’s today



April: Ok so first on the list is strawberries

Brie: But won’t Kitty eat them all?

April: That’s why were getting 2 pounds not 1


April: Brie you’re getting the corn and I’m getting the flowers, and don’t forget to shuck it.

Brie: Corn? Why corn when we could get chocolate, cookies ,soda ect.

April: Just grab it

Brie: Wait does that say ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brie: ICE CREAM SOCIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April: Yum sounds good to me


So while were walking down sample lane Brie’s brain (which apparently sets of an alert when there is food around) detects more food. Which makes me wonder why she’s the math person for SOSS when she can detect food. Anyway Brie’s taste buds found a Greek 5 cheese bread  spiral and a cold coffee thing that tasted like coffee ice cream.


IMG_2486 ]

So the Coffee was really good and Brie enjoyed the cheese spiral.

Brie: So what are we eating next?

April: Nothing were just shopping for food not eating

Brie: Fine but if I don’t eat in the next 5 minutes I’m gonna starve and die.

April: Brie you just ate a cheese bread ,coffee,and an ice cream!!!!!!!!! You won’t die.

IMG_2493 (2)

April: What do you think you’re doing?!

Brie: Putting food in the cart, what does it look like?!!!


Brie: Yeah I do

April: Why?

Brie: My conscience is telling me to

April: More like the devil on your shoulder put it back


April: Fine put it in the cart


April: Ok and the last item is Alfredo sauce

Brie: When is lunch?

April: More like dinner it’s 3:00 already

Brie: It’s that late?!

April: Yeah we better head to Julia’s and then back

The next stop was the bakery and we bought cupcakes!!!! 🙂

IMG_2497.JPG IMG_2527

After we drove home the rest of our sisters helped us unpack .


(Josie checks the receipt) Josie : did you get everything??? Wait why are cookies on the list?

Brie: We needed them

Josie: Sure we did


Josie: Well we might as well eat them now.

Brie: YAY!!!!


K: The corn is in the fridge

Brie: Ahhh Liz get out of my way.!

Liz: Sorry I’m making sure you don’t eat anything

April: I think it’s Kitty you have to worry about eating.

Liz: KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kitty: What? What’s wrong?

Liz: Your eating the strawberries! Those are for the smoothies tomorrow.

Kitty: Oh sorry.

April: Well there goes breakfast.

K: Anyone want to watch Basilmentos?

Kitty: What’s that?

K: A doll youtuber

Kitty: Ok I’ll watch it

April: me too

Everyone agreed to watch a Basilmento’s video after they unpacked the groceries.

Thanks for reading have a great day or evening!! 🙂

Oh and thank you spell check because I stink at spelling.



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