It’s Kitty,

A few nights ago Abby went on a sleepover, so the house was empty. I  suggested having a sleepover in her room and that’s what we did.


IMG_2351dinner on patio.JPG IMG_2350

April and Liz went out to eat earlier, so the rest of us skipped dinner and went right to dessert and played Apples to Apples . K was too busy listening to FallOut boy and didn’t want to play so she watched us.

I won the first round , Liz won the second , and Brie won the last three rounds.


Then April got frustrated because Brie beat her in Apples to Apples. So instead of playing another round of the game we started watching a scary movie . I don’t know the name of the movie because I was hiding under the blanket and Brie fainted in the middle of it. So we paused it until Brie woke up again determined to watch all of it. Well things got so intense that Josie fell over hitting the lamp over which made the lights go out . Then all my wimpy sisters started screaming I didn’t scream and… (Abby interrupting )

Abby: Kitty you screamed the loudest .The people down three houses called the cops because of your screaming .

Kitty: I don’t know I think Brie was screaming louder

Abby: No Brie fainted the second time she was unconscious which means Brie coudn’t scream .

Kitty: Well then the neighbors must have very sensitive ears

Abby: One of those neighbors was deaf

Kitty: Not anymore I CURED HIM with my screaming. Anyway how do you know all this you were at your cousin’s house!

Abby: Kitty your the secratary for SOSS (Secret Organization of Spy Sisters) Lizard a.k.a Bond set camera’s everywhere so I just hit the button and It records you

Kitty: SHE BETRAYED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby: I payed her 🙂

It;s Kitty , I’m back thanks to Lizard and truffle2003 my cover is blown. So I did scream a big deal anyway on with the night.


So Brie woke up again and decided never to watch a movie again ( well she said that but she’s watching Tinker Bell right now) WOULD YOU STOP INTERUPpTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry) . Josie wanted to play Tapple so we did and April won although she did cheat.


Finally it was bed time but… Lizard started playing with the sheets and I thought she was a ghost so I threw a pillow at her. Then someone screamed ..PILLOWFIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pillow fight

Ha Ha Ha I got Brie down!!!


Brie got Josie after knocking me over.

pillow 2

April lost her footing and fell off the bed

Thanks for reading.

Kitty and Abby


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