Meet the Dolls



They are your crazy, loud, funny, weird, unstereotypical group of misfits. They are awesome though, expensive, stressful, but amazing.


I’m Josie. I am the eldest of 6 sisters . I enjoy reading and watching movies.

Age : 17

Favorite drink: coffee

Favorite food; anything Mexican

Favorite place: Mexico

K  a.k.a   Kanani

She is scary, sarcastic, and sassy. Whatever you do DON’T TOUCH BRIE K WILL MURDER YOU.  Hey , I’m  K  the second eldest. I’m the most athletic .

Age : 16

Favorite drink : water maybe?

Favorite food: pineapple

Favorite animal: her dog

sports : lacrosse, soccer, gymnastics, surfing, swimming, dance, rock climbing etc.

Lizard or Liz

She can be tough. Liz does most of the heavy lifting,  she’ll make a 2 hour drive into a 15 minute one, she’ll bake a meal for the Spartans in under ten minutes, she will crush you, she will climb, she will be lucky to live the next 3 years.

Age: 15

Favorite animal: horses

Favorite food: cheese cake

Favorite place: Washington D.C


Bonjour , Hello , Aloha , Hi


not March not May not June – April don’t mess my name up with the other months

(April is very sensitive when people call her March or May or any other months) She also loves make up and clothes .

Age: 15

Favorite animal : Swan

Favorite drink : Starbucks iced coffee

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite place : NYC

Your stereotypical blond.


Hey I’m Brie I like math and chocolate I’m the youngest

Age: 12

Favorite animal: Dolphin

Favorite drink: Chocolate milk

Favorite food: Mac and cheese

Favorite place: NYC

Brie is a handful of pain in the butt and drama. She eats a lot, she spends a lot, she’s a drama queen and a needs to be seen. Things tend to go Waaaaaayyyyyyyy over her head. She can be sweet though.



Hi I’m Kitty, I’m a reporter and I help Abby with the blog, I’m the 2nd youngest and really shy

Age: 13

Favorite animal: my puppy Gracie

Favorite drink: Italian soda

Favorite food: strawberry shortcake (grandma’s strawberry shortcake and grandma’s fudge sauce )

Favorite place: Disney

Mr. Fabulous

(The guy on the right. No he’s not a girl) This is Josh he’s not a sister obviously.

Age: 16

He is a dancer though that’s not what he wears to dance classes.

He’s kind of…………… oh boy how do I put this. Well he is very unsterotypically girly, crazy, kind of insane person.



Essie is an artistic, enthusiastic girl.

Favorite animal: Dog

Favorite food: Pizza



Favorite food: Pizza and milkshakes

Hobbies: Pranks, and drawing anime

Favorite animal: Dolphin

Sports: Tennis, Gymnastics, swimming, soccer, and archery

Best friend: Esmeralda



  1. Hehe! I won’t call April May, don’t worry. 😀

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    1. Haha 🙂

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    1. Thanks 🙂

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