Monthly Archives: July 2015

Grocery Shopping

Hey, people It’s April. Brie and I went to Trader Joe’s today April: Ok so first on the list is strawberries Brie: But won’t Kitty eat them all? April: That’s why were getting 2 pounds not 1 April: Brie you’re getting the corn and I’m getting the flowers, and don’t forget to shuck it. Brie: […]

The Woods

Hi, It’s Kitty. Today we walked around the woods and took some pictures that I wanted to show so here they are. K, April , and Liz Now for Me and the others not a pleaseant¬†experience. ūüėź Brie: ARE WE THERE YET ?????!!!!!!! Josie: Nope Brie: But my feet hurt and my hair do is […]


Hi, It’s Kitty, A few nights ago¬†Abby went on a sleepover, so the house was empty. I ¬†suggested having a sleepover in her room and that’s what we did. ¬† April and Liz went out to eat earlier, so the rest of us skipped dinner and went right to dessert and played Apples to Apples […]

Meet the Dolls

  They are your crazy, loud, funny, weird, unstereotypical group of misfits. They are awesome though, expensive, stressful, but amazing. I’m Josie. I am the eldest of 6 sisters . I enjoy reading and watching movies. Age : 17 Favorite drink: coffee Favorite¬†food; anything Mexican Favorite place: Mexico K¬† a.k.a¬† ¬†Kanani She is scary, sarcastic, […]