Monthly Archives: July 2015

Grocery Shopping

Hey, people It’s April. Brie and I went to Trader Joe’s today April: Ok so first on the list is strawberries Brie: But won’t Kitty eat them all? April: That’s why were getting 2 pounds not 1 April: Brie you’re getting the corn and I’m getting the flowers, and don’t forget to shuck it. Brie: […]

The Woods

Hi, It’s Kitty. Today we walked around the woods and took some pictures that I wanted to show so here they are. K, April , and Liz Now for Me and the others not a pleaseant experience. 😐 Brie: ARE WE THERE YET ?????!!!!!!! Josie: Nope Brie: But my feet hurt and my hair do is […]


Hi, It’s Kitty, A few nights ago Abby went on a sleepover, so the house was empty. I  suggested having a sleepover in her room and that’s what we did.   April and Liz went out to eat earlier, so the rest of us skipped dinner and went right to dessert and played Apples to Apples […]

Meet the Dolls

  They are your crazy, loud, funny, weird, unstereotypical group of misfits. They are awesome though, expensive, stressful, but amazing. I’m Josie. I am the eldest of 6 sisters . I enjoy reading and watching movies. Age : 17 Favorite drink: coffee Favorite food; anything Mexican Favorite place: Mexico K  a.k.a   Kanani She is scary, sarcastic, […]